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brick Willimantic CT main street

Friends of the Library

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Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month from5:15-6:15 PM. All are welcome.

Friends of the Willimantic Public Library board members:
President - Laurel Freeman
Secretary - Jean Jakoboski
Treasurer - Mike Westerfield

The purpose of the Friends shall be:

  • To promote knowledge of functions, resources, services and needs of the Library.
  • To foster public support for the necessary development, to increase the facilities and service of the Willimantic Public Library, and thus to enrich the cultural opportunities available to the citizens of Willimantic.
  • To provide programs and events for the community that are compatible with the Library's policies and objectives.
  • To raise funds for programs, books, equipment, and assistance as needed to support the Library's future needs in facilities, equipment or books.

The activities of the Friends of the Library shall include sponsorship of special projects, informing the public of the resources and services of the Library, securing materials that are beyond the command of the ordinary library budget, and performing other services deemed helpful to the Library.

Membership is open to individuals, organizations, and businesses in agreement with its purpose. Dues are as follows:

  • Individual member - $10
  • Family member - $20
  • Patron - $50
  • Life member - $500

Membership forms can be found at the Library.

Contact info:
Friends of the Willimantic Public Library
PO Box 1241
Willimantic, CT 06226
President's email:

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